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Friday, February 18, 2011

Mechanical Ventilation


-Airway obstruction
-Inadequate oxygenation-O2 saturation (<90% on hi-flow oxygen via nonrebreather mask)
-Inadequate ventilation-hypoventilation (high pCO2, pH-acidosis)
-Increased work of breathing, ineffective breathing pattern
-Airway protection

Common Setting

*AC (Assist Control)-Pt. triggers ventilator to deliver a breath. If apnea occurs, a minimum rate & volume will be delivered to the pt.

*CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)-Continuous, nonstop positive positive pressure is applied throughout entire respiratory cycle.

*BiPAP (Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure)-Same as CPAP but with 2 preset setting ; one for inspiration & one for expiration

*CMV (Continuous Mandatory Ventilation)-Ventilator delivers a set tidal volume at a set rate regardless of a pt.’s own attemps to breathe. Expect pt. to
require sedation.

*IMV (Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation)-Ventilator delivers a set tidal volume at a set rate, yet also allows the pt. to initiate breaths.

*PSV (Positive Support Ventilation)-For pt. with spontaneous breathing. Ventilator delivers a preset positive pressure for the duration of
inspiration when the pt. initiates a breath.

*SIMV (Syncrhonized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation)-Ventilator is triggered only by a patient-activated demand valve & therefore, synchronizes with the pt. own
respiratory efforts.

*PEEP (Positive End-Expiratory Pressure)-Maintains a preset positive airway pressure at the end of each expiration. PEEP is used to treat a PaO2 <60 mmHg
on FiO2 >50%

(sumber dari google)

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