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Friday, February 18, 2011

5 Important Steps

Assalamualaikum & Hye..

Kali ni Hanna nak share this important steps..
Tapi usually these steps are use in 
any kind of procedure in nursing..

Before nak start pape procedure pun,
we must look into these 5 steps.
Then diikuti dengan steps of the procedure 
yang kita nak buat tu lah.
Barulah kerja kita berjalan lancar
dan dapat disettlekan dengan jayanya... (:

1. Assessement
-make an assessement before start the procedure.
2. Positioning
-look the possible position for the procedure.
3. Prepare equipment
-we have to prepare an enough equipments for the procedure. what instrument we will use.
4. Procedure
-do the procedure properly step by step
5. Record
-last but not least, record the procedure. when it done, what happen to the pt. or the location of the procedure,  or any important things to write in the record.
-if the procedure need to maintain an asepsis technic, so we MUST follow it.
(cth: sedia alatan yg cukup)


  1. salam perkenalan... hye, puan nurse!

  2. salam perkenalan gak wat kamu :)

    tQ coz sudi komen my entry yea.. :)

  3. thankz jejak blog kte :)
    nurse ke? nurse kt mna?
    tenang je buka blog hanna :)

  4. w'come dear.. :)

    blm jd nurse lagi :)

    oh,alhmdlh...trma kasih yea.. :)


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