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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Continuous Bladder Drainage (CBD)

Handling Patient who had CBD

1. Wash hands with soap & water before & after handling bag, catheter or tube.
2. Make sure urine bag are always below the level of patient’s bladder all the time.
3. Check frequently to be sure not to kink or loops in tubing or that patient not lying on tubing.
4. Do not pull on catheter.
5. Wash around catheter entry site with soap & water twice a day or after bowel movement.
6. Do not use powder around catheter entry site.
7. Check around the catheter entry site for sign of irritation, redness, tenderness, swelling or drainage.
8. Offer fluids requently (if not contraindicated to patient’s health status)
9. Empty urine bag each shift; note colour, clarity & odor.
10. Record urine output
11. Notify physician if any following:
- blood, cloudiness, foul odor
- urine output <30mL/hr
- irritation or leaking around catheter entry site.
- fever, abdominal or flank pain

(sumber dari google)

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