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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Burn is caused most commanly by fire (dry heat). It also can caused by friction, chemicals, electricity or radiation.
*friction - occurs when skin is scraped off by contact with a surface such as roads, carpets, or other hard
floor surfaces.
*Chemical – Most chemicals that cause burns are either strong acids or bases. Chemical burns can be
deceiving, however. Some agents can cause deep tissue damage not readily apparent when you first look at it.
*Electrical - often cause serious injury inside the body. Look for an entry and exit point as this is often a                     characteristic of this type of injury.

Inhalation burns – there may be burned lips, mouth, and throat.

Depth of burns :-
  • Superficial (first degree) - The skin is red, hot and painful but without blisters. Damage is superficial and temporary.
  • Partial-thickness (second degree) - The outer layer of skin is damaged. The skin has blisters besides being red, hot and painful.
  • Full-thickness (third degree) - All layers of the skin are damaged. The skin may be pale and leathery, or charred. It is relatively painless on the point of the burn because the nerves are damaged. The pain experienced will more then likely result from the surrounding burns which are of lesser degree.

( org yg burn sampai 3rd degree x akan rasa sakit sebab sensori sakit/deria sakit dia dah musnah )


Assalamualaikum...Sebarang komen, pendapat, nasihat yang membangun amat digalakkan. Elakkan meninggalkan komen dengan bahasa yang kesat..thank Q (^_^)

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