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Friday, February 18, 2011

Interview Preparation

Assalamualaikum & Hye..


" Minggu depan ada temuduga lah..Err...Apa aku nak buat nieh? Takutnye.. Apa dia nak tanya pada aku yea? Apa    aku nak jawab? Kalau boleh jawab,tentu lega. AKu nak sangat kerja tu! "

Anda akan hadiri temuduga?
Tapi tak tahu apa nak buat?

Cuba tips ni :)

g00d LuCk !!!

Before the interview
Learn about the company
Prepare answer
Study and practice
Find out exactly – the fact and figure
Good night sleep

During the interview
Be punctual
First impression
Listen actively
Speak clearly
Be positive
Sit comfortably
Ask question

After interview
Say thank you
Follow up
Chin up

(sumber dari google)


  1. dear gud luck taw..
    yg pntg jgn gabra n cool je ;)

    hrp dpt pnmduga yg spoting..oyeaahhh

  2. @nizam
    @*luv syahnia*

    anyway,tQ for ur support & advice :) really appreciate it.

    actually i do not have any interview to attend for now..

    entry ni utk sesapa sja yg nak review psl interview preperation..

    but i will use it when i have to attend it. :)


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