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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Different Diagnosis : Chest Pain

(sumber dari google)
MI (Myocardial Infarction)
*Onset – Sudden, lasting longer than 30 min.
*Quality – Pressure, dull, achy, tightness
*Location/Radiation – Epigastric or substernal, usually left neck, jaw, arm or back
*Exacerbating Factor – Stress, excertion, or unprovoked
*Onset – Gradual or sudden, usually brief
*Quality – Pressure, tightness
*Location/Radiation – Chest, usually left neck, jaw and arm
*Exacerbating Factor – Exertion, stress, eating, cold temperature
*Onset – Rapid
*Quality – Sharp, stabbing
*Location/Radiation – Points tenderness
Exacerbating Factor- Inspiration
*Onset – Variable
*Quality – Sharp, dull, aching
*Location/Radiation – Localized
*Exacerbating Factor – Movement, digital pressure, inspiration
*Onset – Gradual
*Quality – Sharp, pleuritic
*Location/Radiation – Precardium
*Exacerbating Factor – Supine position
Aortic Dissection
*Onset – Sudden/Severe
*Quality – Tearing
*Location/Radiation – Chest, back
*Exacerbating Factor – Hypertension, smoking
Pulmonary Embolism
*Onset – Sudden*Quality – Sharp-knife like, stabbing, pleuritic
*Location – Chest,back, over lungs area
*Exacerbating Factors – Dislodged thrombi, atrial fibrillation
Esophageal Ruptured
*Onset – Sudden/severe
*Quality – Sharp, burning
*Location/Radiation – Chest, throat, back
*Exacerbating Factors – Swallowing, vomitting

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